Sunday, 12 June 2016

White Bloomers

I haven't posted on here about bread making for a while, since the unfortunate demise of Well Bread! I have been baking for us but not actually posting it.

I have kept my sourdough starters in the fridge and feed them weekly, this creates about 400g of starter that would otherwise be wasted every time I feed them.

I have used this for battered onion rings,

and for biscuits but this week I put it into the bread I was making to add flavour, not for any raising power as I used instant yeast as well. So here it is a mixture of White, Wholemeal Wheat, Wholemeal Spelt, and Rye starters.

weighing in at 360g that gave me 180g each of flour and water.

I simply made my dough reducing the flour and water by these amounts, to keep the same proportions.

Total Ingredients were 1500g flour (180g from starters), 975g water (180g from starters), 75g Olive Oil and 30g each salt and Instant yeast.

After kneading, I left it to prove in my proving oven, where it got a bit enthusiastic,

you can see the marks made by the top shelf where it rose more than expected.

I divided and shaped it into two loaves and left to rise again while the oven heated up. There was good aeration in the dough.

Then I slashed and baked for 30 minutes at 230°C with steam.

The result was a good loaf, and the crumb was perfect for sandwiches and toast.


  1. I can smell that bread all the way over here! Love the onion rings!

  2. Thanks, it was rather nice. Trouble is, I now have to make more! It doesn't last in our house.