Friday, 10 June 2016

Quick update

"The Rocks of Aserol," my next novel will be published on September 1st this year. In advance of that, I sent out a few review copies to gauge the response and also to get some feedback for marketing.

And I'm pleased to say that I have my first independent opinion of the story. You may have seen the full review on my website, but if not, here is the last paragraph, written by a guy called Chris Solaas.

"The Rocks of Aserol is an entertaining read, full of intrigue, action, and a liberal dose of steampunk. It is well-written and immersive, with a love story full of romance and rescue. Five Stars."

I'm so pleased with that, it makes the three years since I started writing the story seem like it was worth it. And it makes me want to push on with the sequel.

You can also catch up with the Flash Fiction vignettes from the world of Aserol, three of which have already been published here. The fourth will be posted on June 16th, and then they will appear fortnightly until publication day on September 1st.

There will be more news on pre-orders as soon as the links are established. And of the launch, which I hope to do 'live' on social media if I can.


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