Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunday a bit late

It's been a busy week, although looking back I don't seem to have done much. 
Mainly silly; time-consuming jobs and messing around.
I did have time for a few walks, and found this little fellow on one of them, he seemed to be in shock until I tried to move him; when he flew away.

Bread-wise, I made a few rolls flavoured with chopped beetroot, just a yeasted mixture, a little less liquid than usual to allow for the beetroot juice, they will last a week or so for lunches. Next week I will make Tiger rolls.

I did an event on Saturday, the White Rock School Festival, with my full range of books and lots of Free short stories which I gave out.

I sold a few books and one audiobook.

Sunday was Totnes Good Food Market, as usual, Linda of Red Earth Kitchen had a good selection,

Yvonne finished another square for Lovequilts, a rather impressive fairy which has been dispatched,

and I stir-fried veg to accompany Salmon and new potatoes.

So all-in-all, a quiet week.


  1. A productive a good week! Really wonderful with all the opportunities you have to read and meet other readers! Keep up the positive energy! Oh and the cross stitch is wonderful!

  2. A very strange week! It felt disjointed somehow but seemed to come out alright in the end. Yvonne is enjoying stitching again which is great!