Sunday, 4 September 2016

What a week

Loads of stuff this week,

There! That's got that out of the way.

I also made us a Lamb Hotpot this week, one of our favourites, if not my daughters.

Basic Ingredients
Plus some corn and carrots

Add some local Chorizo

Then some Lamb gravy. Cover with a layer of sliced Sweet Potato,

and then sliced Potato,

and bake for 2 hours at 180°

Pretty delicious.

Naimi and Eamon came down to see us for a couple of days with Maeve. It was only four weeks since we had seen her last but she is now crawling around and trying to pull up on the furniture. And despite the fact that I could never catch it in a picture, she was almost permanently smiling. It rained just about the whole time they were here but never mind, it was great to see them, and we did have a lovely walk along a rain-swept deserted beach.

I made some bread, just a loaf and some short French sticks,

These were destined to be filled with Garlic butter and reheated, to have with Yvonne's Beef Chilli.

but the crowning glory was Yvonne's dairy-free Coconut and Cashew cheesecake, with Berries from out garden.

I showed you a picture of the cake in its case before, 

here it is, decorated and ready to eat,

That's one to make again. Some of it went back with them, so Amy, Harry and Elsa might get to try a piece as well.

And finally, one last piece of book news, my editor, Helen, sent back the corrected first draft of Myra to me. I've been thinking up more content so once I've sorted out her corrections and all the things her eagle eye spotted, I can add them and tidy it up a bit.

The first chapter is available on my website if you want to see how it's coming along. Hopefully, Myra will be published early in 2017.


  1. Wow, Little Maeve is growing and such a beautiful little girl! Will you make her teething cookies? The cake is amazing. Perfect picture for my Pinterest! Oh and to get something back from an editor is the best news ever!

  2. Thanks, yes she is!I have more pix for later, the cheesecake was amazing.And Myra should be out in March! The editor said she loved it.