Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday round up.

As I said before, Naomi, Eamon, and Maeve were here for the only two days of rain that we had over the last two weeks. We had a walk on the beach at Broadsands in the pouring rain anyway.

Maeve still managed to look cool.

On Tuesday we went to Heligan in Cornwall, where I took the pictures for the last wordless post.and stopped off in Polperro on the way back. That will be the subject of Wednesdays post.

Of course, I had to make some bread as well, just a loaf and some rolls using up my  excess Sourdough Starter, with added yeast.

Thursday was the launch of "The Rocks of Aserol" in Millie and Me, with readings from Sam of Circle of Spears, assisted by Tracey Norman, in full Steampunk regalia. 

and I snapped one satisfied customer.

there is a video of Sam Burns reading from the book but blogger will not upload it, so you'll have to go HERE to watch it. Sam reads beautifully and gives it real atmosphere.

I will be at White Rock Festival next weekend (17th), with FREE short stories, and all the books on sale. I also have a few copies of the audiobook as well.


  1. Great photos and I am already humming that song sung by Shirley Temple, "I Love to Walk in the Rain." Lots of happy smiles with the books to. I plan on having a Sci-Fi fest of reading in October!

  2. We had a good day, I LOVE walking in the rain, reading is something I need to catch up on, easier now that it's getting dark in the evenings.