Saturday, 22 October 2016


We've been away for a few days in Kent, seeing Elsa and Maeve (and their parents), hence the lack of activity on the blogging front. I know I could have scheduled a post but I only thought of that when I got home.

And there they are! Maeve is very nearly walking now and her house is starting to get the tide-mark that I remember from when her mum was that age. Everything is being moved out of the range of little fingers.

And here are their mothers at about the same age, eerie isn't it! ( and I don't mean the wallpaper, it was the eighties after all).

and now.

It's always a surprise to see how much faster life is in Kent, maybe I'm just getting old but I find myself more attuned to the speed of things in Devon, (about as fast as a cow moves since you ask). And I think that suits me just fine!

We had Yvonne's cakes as well, with Clotted cream and they were superb (of course!),

And there was a touch of frost this morning, just enough to  whiten the grass for an hour or so until the sun got up.

We had a very nice day out on Dartmoor, and a picnic, more of that next time.


  1. My Goodness they do look like their mothers! Wow. I bet you are both tuckered out after such a trip!

  2. Yvonne and I think so, no reply from them as yet!!!!