Sunday, 2 October 2016


Not a lot to report today, I'm waiting for several things to happen, to cap it all I've hurt my back so can't do much. I can type but I have to keep moving around and changing from standing to sitting to lying down. Still, it's making me relax so I guess it's not all bad.

I first hurt my back years ago, I leant over the worktop to turn the kettle on and coughed. And that was it! The doctor told me coughing was one of the most violent things you could do to your body, and if you happened to be in the wrong posture, then muscle damage could happen. Since then, it happens once or twice a year. And it's usually caused by some innocuous movement. It always takes a week to sort itself out, so I should be alright on Thursday.

I did manage to make some seeded rolls and a loaf,

and I've been writing as well, I have two novels on the go at the moment, it looks like I might have three to publish next year, as well as a few new short stories.

Yvonne has finished another square for Lovequilts, and she's halfway through the next one as well.

She's doing a great job with them and it's for such a good cause as well.
Not much else to report, I had hoped to have had some big news but maybe next week.

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