Sunday, 20 November 2016

Christmas is coming.

And we have been to our first Christmas market, at Hannah's near Newton Abbot. Hannahs is a local charity which does wonderful work.
The place has such a wonderful atmosphere and this year, even though it's only November they had a bouncy Snowman,if it hadn't been full of kids we could have had a go!

We did manage to have our first mince pie of the season though,and very nice it was too.

Now we are into the festivities, there are things to go to just about every day, next weekend we have a choice of about four or five different ones.

If you remember, I said that I would make some Wholemeal Sourdough this week,  using the  "do nothing" method.

I did and this was the result, it had a beautiful sour taste and makes delicious toast.

There was enough dough for a Focaccia as well, to which I added Garlic and Olive Oil. I don't know why it stuck, but it did, it gave me a sample to taste and showed the interior structure, considering it had no added yeast and no kneading it was well aerated.

Before baking.

It was cloudy for the supermoon,I did manage to get a quick picture but there was no chance to set up the tripod, just a break in the cloud long enough to get my phone out.

Yvonne has finished two more cross-stitch squares for Lovequilts, this time for girls quilts.

More beautiful work!

And my Short Story collection, Flash Fiction has a five-star review. You can see it HERE, and of course, you can get the FREE e-Book while you're there as well.