Saturday, 2 March 2013

Big News.



As you may have noticed, there is a new link at the side of this blog, if you have the time to take a glance, you will find details of my new venture, or at least potential venture. I may be turning my bread baking hobby into a more commercial operation.

I have felt in a state of flux for quite a time, I don't know how to explain it but since our move to Devon, there is a definite shift in my (our) thinking.

There is something in the air round here, because both of us are becoming more creative, Yvonne with her cards and jewellery, and me with the cooking and writing.

And time seems to have sped up; it can’t be two weeks since my last post, can it?

And there is even a hint of spring in the air, apart from the daffodils there is a tinge of green in the hedgerows.

I have now planted out my First Early potatoes, and have the next lot sprouting on the windowsill;

They will go in in about three weeks. Then we should have potatoes from May to July. Last year they got washed away, the ones I salvaged were tasty, but a lot fewer than I had hoped. Maybe this year will be better. I also put some broad bean seeds in. No pictures of that, as a pot full of soil is not really exciting.

There was a Groupon offer a couple of weeks ago for a meat box from the Well Hung Meat Company. They are just up the road from us here, and to be honest, I have NEVER tasted such quality.


I cooked the Brisket joint in gravy for nearly four hours, I had to use the tagine, it was the only thing deep enough.

It was well worth it. And I will order again.

I brought some forced rhubarb, it was expensive, But I get a lot out of it, First I made wine,

and then used the pulp with apple and Blackberries from the freezer to make a crumble, which we had over three days.


More well hung meat, this time the mince in a cottage pie.

And finally, here is Yvonne, in Totnes, by a rather appropriate sign,

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