Thursday, 7 March 2013

George is back in England, although it wasn’t easy for her.

She had a 17 hour bus ride from Barkley to Darwin, and lost her phone on the way. Arriving in Darwin, she couldn’t contact anyone, but went to a friend’s place. Her phone has been located and returned to Barkley.

Then (and this is the Ooops bit) she got 0250 and 1450 mixed up, and so missed her flight by 12 hours!

Anyway, she managed to re-book her flights for minimal extra costs, and arrived at 0500 (not 1700) today, meaning that Naomi had to change shifts to pick her up. It was nice to hear her voice and know that she is not so far away, at least for a few weeks. I’m going to pop in and see her at Naomi’s tomorrow, and then bring her down to sunny Devon on Sunday, so she can collect her car.

I got a couple of good photos last Sunday at work,

Sunrise over Purfleet

Dartford Bridge
but other than that, there is little to report, I have been busy setting up Well Bread! Now I’m just waiting for permission to use my kitchen as a place of business. More on the other blog.

Next week I am going to venture to a writers café in Totnes, to see if I can get any tips on developing my skills, the inspiration is sadly missing at the moment, but it seems to go like that, I had a couple of days last week where I wrote several thousand words, some of which got edited but a few were useful.

I can’t believe that it’s only a month till Naomi’s wedding, I have the speech written, and have been measured for the suit.

George’s arrival has co-incided with the first rain we have had for quite a while, and she says its 30 degrees colder here, and I was just thinking that it was warming up.

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