Sunday, 17 March 2013

More Snow

Sunday Morning and I can’t believe that it’s Totnes Good Food Sunday again so soon. That's a chance to stock up on some goodies! Check it out

Not only that, but it’s been snowing overnight, and I went downstairs this morning to find that we had had a power cut sometime during the night and the digital clocks that seem to be on everything were blinking at me.

Naturally, I have just planted lots of things out in the garden, lulled by the warmish weather of the last few days, Broad Beans, Early Potatoes and some winter salad leaves. They will have to keep their heads down, fortunately nature is much better at surviving a bit of cold than we give her credit for, so I expect that most of them will be okay.


Walking the dogs this morning, in swirling snow and slush streaked streets; I remembered that when we moved down here three years ago, one of the neighbours said “It never snows in Brixham”. Now I grew up here and was sure that it had back then, but I assumed that she referred to the recent past. Well it HAS snowed here every year so far, Dec 2010, several times in the winter 2011/12 and at least three times in the last fortnight.

But I still wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Georgina came down with me after I worked last Sunday, to collect her car and chill for a couple of days. It snowed then, as we approached Newton Abbot on the A380, and after 40 degree heat in Australia she was not impressed.

We had a good time before she went to Nottingham to see her big sister, Salmon with shallot chutney and an old fashioned roast were the highlights.

We also had a very breezy walk with the dogs along the cliff path, watching the seas below. Definitely not a beach day.

We went to Fermoys Garden centre last week, there was a 2 for 1 offer on their amazing breakfast, for £5.95 we both had a mega plateful of local goodness with coffee, and filled up with compost and other bits and pieces for all the warm weather gardening that I was about to do.

There is a butchers as part of the centre, one of the Gerald David chain we have down here, although they do mail order.

I was browsing, having brought some Chicken, and found whole racks of spare ribs for £3.99 each! I brought one and took it out to the car, "What have you got there" asked Yvonne, and when I showed her she suggested getting another for the freezer, Naomi and Eamon will be down later and that would go nicely.

So the housekeeping took a bit of a hit, but when it gets to BBQ time, you can never find the things, unless they are pre-coated in some muck that tastes vaguely of sugar. And certainly not that size for £3.99.

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