Friday, 3 May 2013

Publish and be Damned!

I have done the deed; I pushed the button this morning at 10am. There is no going back now, I only hope that I caught all the typo’s, I’m sure that someone will be kind enough to point them out to me though. In less than 24 hours I will be a published author!

OK OK it’s only on the Kindle, but it still feels good. It will feel even better if I actually sell any apart from to my family.

Peter next door gave me this log burner,

now we must use it, there are a pile of logs that the last owner of the house left me, it’s just a case of getting out there in the evening and lighting up, glass of wine etc.

My tulips are looking good this year,

 after last years washout everything seems to be making a special effort, there is the constant buzzing of bees in the garden, and it’s starting to look nice.

I actually picked some salad leaves for our supper yesterday,

now that I have planted every week, we should have a continuous supply through the year.

And the fruit trees are blossoming, better than last year before the torrential rain in May washed it all off.

I said last time we were going to Tavistock, well we had a good day, got stuck behind a lorry at Vennford Reservoir, but it gave us a chance to get out and look across the water.

Also, at Hexworthy we wandered down to the river bank, it was so quiet and peaceful.

A magical place.

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