Friday, 24 May 2013

Yvonne's Cake Part 2

So after the inspiration of Totnes open studio's, we returned home and I proceeded to make the cake.
I used the flaky biscuit recipe, which involves grated frozen butter, flour, yogurt and bicarb, I added chocolate chips, and managed to grate my thumb as well! Fortunately I kept that bit out of the cake, and baked two slabs, instead of individual biscuits.

These I cut to be the same size and cooled.
I covered one with clotted cream,

and one with the jam I made earlier

I then assembled the cake, breaking the top slab in half in the process, this will be good for portion control, half for me and half for Yvonne!

I made a paste with Icing sugar and water and covered the top, grating chocolate to finish (no finger this time)

And there you have it, I've just heard from Naomi, she is on the way with Eamon, so we can sample it when they turn up.

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