Thursday, 12 September 2013

Meat box.

Not a lot to report this week, no orders for Well Bread, apart form the regular one for Oats, so with time on my hands, I did something that I can't always fit in.

 I made a loaf for us.

a rather nice white loaf, if I say so myself.
The meat box arrived today, A whole Chicken, Sausages, Bacon, a Pork leg joint and some Pork Chump Steaks, minced and diced beef and Chicken thighs, in total 21 meals for the two of us. Thats 42 portions of delicious Organic meat for £48, thanks Groupon.


Tea tonight, or should I go posh and say dinner? was Carrot and Corriander Falafel and Tomatoes, with some Fried Chicken.

I hadn't had Falefal since 1979 when in Isreal working and we used to buy them from a stall in the docks, I had always considered them an effort to make from scratch, although I suspect they weren't.

Well these were a mix I brought in The Happy Apple in Totnes, my favourite Indie food shop (also has a branch in St Marychurch, Torquay). They are brilliant for anything that you can't find anywhere else.

and couldn't have been easier, also they tasted delicious after frying.

Especially when joined by oven roasted tomatoes fresh from the garden (food feet!)

Well the week off seems to have gone far too quickly, hopefully we are going to Totnes market tomorrow if the rain holds off, also the good food sunday market to look forward to.

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