Sunday, 15 September 2013

Totnes (Twice!)

I think Yvonne has summed it up pretty well. We found this sign for sale in Totnes on Friday, on the first of our visits. We wanted to go to the regular market, and also the Sunday food market, so on Friday we just looked in the shops that would not be open on Sunday.

We popped into the Cat Therapy Cafe for a cuppa, it does what it says,

you sit and drink your coffee or tea and the cats mill around, it was very relaxing, and I think we will be back. Yvonne wanted to sneak a cat out, but you are searched on the way out.

Lunch was taken in Woods Bistro, a panini filled with Chorizo, melted cheese and Jalapenos, Yvonne had roast veg on Ciabatta with Goats Cheese.

Due to the Sunday Market, we had Roast Gammon on Saturday,

and I used up some of my  Sourdough starter, making a hybrid loaf (used a little dried yeast to give it a hand)

The end was eaten warm, with lots of butter, purely for research of course.

Meanwhile, after 2 hours in a 160 degree oven, the gammon was basted with honey and mustard, then given another hour. At that point it fell off the bones,

I also picked the first of the late Raspberries,

and took the dogs down the cliff path for a walk,

a warm day, but just a slight nip in the air.

Sunday, we returned to Totnes, got some Rump Steak for tea,

I peeled the potatoes thickly yesterday, and baked the peelings in oil for 20 minutes as the oven heated up for the bread.

today, they will be finished off as crispy skins, along with Mushrooms and all the usual Steak trimmings.

Lunch was from Red Earth Kitchens, the most amazing Millionaires Shortbread either of us have ever tasted, and Scotch Eggs, also a regular favourite. Linda and her team make some amazing stuff, also available at the West Country Deli in Brixham, well worth a try. They don't have their own website, but get loads of mentions, and rightly so.

I have to mention Yvonnes latest card creation, a thank you for the jewellery rebuilding done by Norma,

and the jewellery,

Next time, news of the ever expanding blanket.

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