Saturday, 7 September 2013

Weekend Roundup

Busy Busy here today, the weather has turned and its raining as I write. I went out picking Blackberries this morning, only to find that the best had gone, and the remains were soft and not quite at their best. Still I got 4lb, most for the freezer, but some for Yvonne's latest project, more of that later.

I needed to clear some room for our meat box (thanks Groupon!) and in sodding found a bag of Dandelions and one of Rose petals, each containing enough for one demi-john of wine.

BUT, I had three full demi johns in the airing cupboard, so no room there. I had some spare demi-johns in the shed, so I racked the three off, they had all finished fermenting and were just clearing, and put them up the loft to finish off. That's one Rose Petal, one Dandelion and the Blackberry. The new ones are steeping for 48 hours now before adding yeast.
I now have 25 litres of wine to bottle, and no bottles, we are obviously not drinking it fast enough!!!!!!

Next job was ice cream, I have a posh ice cream maker that I brought years ago, it has a freezer built in and churns delicious ice cream. I used a tin of Condensed milk, adding sugar, skimmed milk and the pulp from my bramble jelly. An hour in the machine and I had a litre of the good stuff.

Yvonne wanted to make Devon Apple cake, but with a twist, this being the addition of Blackberries, We picked apples from the garden, the first year we have been able to do that,

With all the tomatoes this year, we are eating them as quickly as we can, lunch was tomatoes, fried in oil and garlic

On toast.

And the cake, well that has come out looking superb. We have Clotted Cream on standby, ready for a tasting.

And the final ingredient,

A match made in Devon.

Another of Yvonne's culinary triumphs, I'm a lucky fellow!!!

Tonights meal will be a Lamb  and Apricot extravaganza, with Giant Cous-Cous, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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