Saturday, 28 September 2013

Work and back

Work is a lot busier than it was last year.I guess that means that things are getting better, as we are at a point in the scheme of things dealing with raw materials.

A variety of ships to drive,

and a lovely sunset over Dartford.

One last job, in the middle of the night, a large ship into Tilbury Lock.

and then home in the fog. Not pleasent, as I kind of like to see the front of the car when I'm headng down the motorway. (Slight exageration, but it was very patchy and thick in places)

Back in Devon, it has been warm and a bit humid all week. That had to end of course and at 0515 this morning, (Saturday) we had a thunderstorm, with a lot of lightening and sound effects.
It means that our day out is on hold, so I'm looking around for other things to do.

Cooking has been quite conventional over the last few days, just some home made tomato sauce with (Shock - ready made) tortellini, and garlic bread

and some Bombay Potato, (No tomato) to add as a filler to the spare curry that we froze after our power cut feast.

Again I used a ready made paste/spice blend, adding it to potato and onion in a frying pan. Oh yes and I fried it in Ghee, for a more authentic taste. Another tip, if there is any juice left in the pan, add raisins for the last couple of minutes, (or any dried fruit to taste) to soak it all up.

and that's about it, we have spare ribs marinating for our meal tonight, with Corn fritters, Onion rings and wedges. But that's another story.

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