Sunday, 3 November 2013

Roast Beef and Multi-Coloured Cauliflower.

We went to Totnes yesterday, and in Annies Fruit Shop found this beauty.

There was some good stuff in there, we also got these tomatoes,

and a local Parsnip ,

Theres always a huge selection of top quality local produce, and the prices are great. They recently opened a Deli, which is of the same high standard.

I have a large piece of Topside to roast today, just over 2 kg

I know the initial expense is large, but I will buy one of these babies at the start of the month, when I have the money.

I usually manage to get about 10 portions of meat from it, so the cost per portion is very reasonable. And a large joint cooks much better than a small one, because it has more volume the chance of overcooking is reduced and the meat is generally tenderer for it.

Enough of that. The meat will take about two and a half hours at 170 degrees, but keep checking after two hours or so, this was it at one hour,

it had shrunk a bit, but after a baste I put it back in, the juices will go into the gravy.

After just under three hours, it looked good, so I carved it and let it rest in the juice for a bit,

while I did the Yorkshire puddings, memo, don't wander off and forget them, or this will happen.

Enough Horseradish and gravy and they'll never notice, or maybe a glass of wine will do the trick..

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