Monday, 25 November 2013


Next door were getting rid of an old metal bed head, and I managed to acquire it from them.

We have an old wooden fence in the garden that is rotten and were wondering what to replace it with.

The Bed Head
I cut an old metal mop handle in half and hammered each piece into the ground, then just slotted the frame over them.

A piece of pipe in the middle, attached with cable ties will give it added stability, all that was needed then was some decoration.

Looks better, next year we will have flowers growing up it. I do hate waste, and love finding a second use for things.

Speaking of which, I used up my excess sourdough starter in a large, no-knead loaf.

it certainly beats throwing it away. I just threw all the ingredients together last night, and cooked it this morning. If anyone wants the quantities and method, give me a message/comment.

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