Saturday, 9 November 2013

Yvonne makes Faggots, Seaweed Sausages!

Yvonne, (who is a better cook than me) has revisited a recipe that was given to her a long while ago. I guess that faggots are a 'Marmite' dish to some people, and I must admit I quite like the ready made ones you can get. However this version is far superior to any that I have had before.

Hopefully the search engine or web filter will not stop you from looking, or direct anyone here who was looking for something else.

The ingredients are minced Lambs liver and minced Beef, chopped Apple and Onion, Plain Flour, a little Beef stock, and some sage and onion stuffing mix. If you want it exact, post a comment and I'll interrogate Yvonne.

Mix it all together and press into a lined,greased dish.

Bake for 45 minutes and cut into portions to serve. We used the last of the purple Cauliflower.

And there was enough to freeze 2 portions for later.
Next up, the Pork and Seaweed Sausages that I mentioned last time.
I'm going to bake them on a bed of onion and potato.
I cut the potato half way through, so that it will cook quicker, and gave it 30 minutes in a 180 degree oven with the onion.

You can see the cuts start to open up, add the sausages and return for another 30 minutes. turning the sausages after 15 minutes.

at which point it will look like this.
And that's ready to serve, as long as the potato is soft.

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