Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cider Bread

I'm a huge fan of Nigel Slater, and for one of my Fathers Day presents, I had a copy of "The Kitchen Dairies, Vol II". I've flicked through it and not seen a recipe that I haven't liked.

(I also had a fantastic parcel of Beer, Strong Cheese and Chutney all the way from Australia.  I love my girls!!!!!!)

Anyway, back to the story, one of the first things I saw in the book was a recipe for bread made with Milk and Cider, sounds like my sort of thing I thought, rather eerily I then found a bottle of Bays Cider in the local shop, "buy me" it screamed so I did, and now of course I must marry the two.

Bays, incidentally is a local brewer, the Beers are fantastic so I'm sure the Cider will be.

Back to the bread, if you've seen the book you will know it uses Spelt and White flour, with the Milk and Cider to get a distinctive flavour.

Well that was the 5am job today, and after following the recipe (not one of my strong points) I ended up with this,

I think my oven must be on a slope because all my loaves seem to have risen more at one end, while I wait for it to cool so I can sample it I'm planning my next project.

The blackberries are nearly ripe, so that means Bramble Jelly, Jam and maybe some blackberry vinegar. Also wine if I can get enough.

I also made some digestive biscuits with the sourdough starter that would normally go to waste, funnily enough I then saw an idea for the same thing on another website that I hadn't seen before. Weird or what?

Anyhow these came out rather well, maybe a bit more salt next time, but they were so good that I experimented with a few chocolate covered ones as well.

Maybe the chocolate was a bit thick, but who's counting.
The bread has cooled a bit, so its time to take a look,

and of course a taste, slightly caramel and sweet, it would be nice with cheese, its a pity you can't smell it from the blog.

While the bread was cooling I went out with my trusty bucket and picked a few Blackberries from the bushes by the garage. There seem to be loads this year, in 20 minutes I had 3lb,

 most went into the freezer, they will be added to until I have enough for Jam, but I kept some back.

I added the same weight of sugar

 and boiled them for a couple of minutes,

That should be rather nice in yogurt.

We found a bird feeder that sticks to the window, the birds ignored it for a while but now seem to like the fat balls it contains.


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