Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Allsorts Part 2

Hi again, as I said I'm splitting this post into two parts, so if you've arrived here, go here first to catch up.


Ages ago I started my seed potatoes off in the conservatory. I wanted to plant them after Easter but I had hurt my back playing with Elsa (I forget I'm a granddad and not as supple as I used to be) so had to leave it for a week. It was fine this afternoon so I got started.
I plant them in containers and had them filled with compost ready to go, they had been well watered over the last few weeks.
My method is simple, no messing around with earthing up, I get about 4 inches of compost in bottom of the bag, mix in a little fertiliser and plant 2 tubers,

I then add 3 inches of compost and plant another two, 90° around from the first.

I then fill the bag to about 3 inches under the rim (for watering) and that's it.

I did 7 bags and watered them well. 

They'll be alright now until the end of July. I'll just need to water them regularly and cover the leaves once they appear if there's a frost forecast.

Yvonne is crafting.

The project is a secret but involves patchwork. Here's how she's getting on.

Good stuff!

A Meal.

For our meal today, I made Sweet and Sour Chicken. In the past, I've made the sauce from scratch but now I've decided that life's too short so I buy one and "modify" it.

Here's the ingredients, chicken picked from the carcass of our roast about a month ago and frozen,

tinned pineapple,

peppers, chili and onion,

brown rice with veg stock powder in the cooking water,

and most importantly, Mustard Oil.

Fry the peppers, onion and chili until it starts to soften,

add the sauce and the chicken and heat together.

when everything is bubbling, add pineapple cubes and some cashew nuts (if you like them) and stir.

serve on the rice.

That's all for a while.

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