Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tales from Norlandia

For those of you that don't frequent my author website, here's an update on my next novel, to be published in September in both e-book and paperback. 

Coming this September, the first part of a story set in a world that's not unlike our own. A country built on Steam and Iron. A people filled with excitement and wonder but with familiar vices and emotions. Science and new inventions are changing the lives of the masses. Some things will be familiar; others will show how our lives might have been.

 To give you a taste of this world, and prepare you for the story, a series of Flash Fiction tales will be released on https://goo.gl/3bpXtn at regular intervals up to the publication date. Set in the world of the story and connected to it, they will give you a taste of Norlandia. Don't miss the first one, published on May 1st.

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