Monday, 18 April 2016

Painting the stairs and Cottage Pie

Amongst other things, that is what I've been up to this week.

This is how it looked before I started, you can see the new paint colour on the walls

First of all, I painted the ceiling, the last owner of the house kindly wallpapered the ceiling for me? and I had to stick it all back up as soon as the paint dampened it.

Then the walls,

finally, I trimmed the carpet back to paint the skirting boards. 

A new stair carpet will be arriving onThursday, I'm letting the experts fit this one. Then I will do the laminate floor in the hallway.

Food wise, I made Cottage Pie for tonight. I fried Onions, added beef mince and my special ingredient,

in case you don't know what it is,

it gives the mixture a nice flavour.

The meat mixture is topped with mashed potato, not forgetting to save the peels and cook them (as I've said so many times before they are delicious).

Now it all needs cooking for about an hour at 180°C

While the paint dries and the Cottage Pie cooks, I have been sent a picture from London Book Fair, showing my novel Ribbonworld on the Silverwood Books stand.

It looks pretty prominent to me.

The potato peels are cooked, ready to freeze.

and the pie is done.

That was worth it.

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  1. Oh both of us are working so hard to make our nest this spring! That pie looks wonderful. I often sneak in a bit of applesauce in many of my baking dishes! Got a kick out of the SilverWood photo! I wrote a book review on the The Alchemist's Legacy. It is on my blog somewhere. I also have your book and A Kiss from France! lol.. I was following the publisher to find new authors to read. How I found you! Must admit that that I haven't read at all this week. I think I will go do that now!