Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday Morning

It's early on Sunday and I thought I would update all the non-book things I have been doing, I seem to be repeating myself here and on the website.
Originally the website was the place for my author persona while here was my Devon life, or anything else. Just lately, I have been putting more and more book news here, perhaps I will curtail that a little, my reason was to make sure that I told everyone everything.

Anyway I started the week with an old favourite, my most popular recipe,  from this blog was Chorizo and Roasted Vegetables, well I haven't actually made this for a while and didn't have any Chorizo, I used a pack of Evergreen Farm sausages instead and it turned out just as good.

It's a very simple concept, you just chop everything up, add some Sundried Tomatoes, chopped Garlic, Herbs and Olive Oil. A few new potatoes and a splash of Balsamic Vinegar and bake it for about 90 minutes at 180°C

Served with warm Focaccia it makes a delicious meal.

Talking of bread, I made a wholemeal loaf and some Sourdough Rolls this week, Since the demise of Well Bread! I hardly make any bread, but I do keep my Sourdough Starters going, feeding them weekly and storing them in the fridge. They are still very much alive as you can see from the rolls. The Wholemeal was yeasted but still tasty.

And the rolls,

Roast Chicken today.


  1. I am so hungry now! My those mushrooms are huge! Great blog post!

  2. Ha! It's great to get your comments again, stay tuned for more comestible shenanigans.