Thursday, 18 August 2016

Video trailer and a Rhinoceros.

I know I said that I would keep the book news to my website but I must share this with you. Circle of Spears the production company responsible for the audiobook version of "The Rocks of Aserol," have released a short video trailer for the book.

The ebook will be released i a week, August 25th to be exact, with the paperback and audiobook available on September 1st.
All formats can be pre-ordered, the ebook and paperback at and the audio version at 

The Rhino was spotted in Torquay, while I was waiting to go to the dentist.

there are several, placed around Torbay variously.

We managed a Cream tea at Millie and Me yesterday as well,

and I made some Sourdough Digestives.

Not only that, I've finished the Conservatory, covering the freezer and folding table with tape. The whole room looks like it should do, and we can sit in it now instead of using it as a dump!

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