Saturday, 26 October 2013

Losing my Virginity

Hah! That got your attention didn't it? Well if you've arrived here via a search engine, and are presently huddled in a darkened room feeling excited, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

I'm referring to my first time using Fresh Yeast.

I know, at my age, (**) but there is a story involved here so bear with me a while.

I'm not really sure if this post belongs here or in the Bread Blog, but I think I'll leave it here for a while.

I have never been able to source a suitable supply of fresh yeast, either too much or too little, and rather than waste it, or run out, I never bothered.

My next door neighbours brought me some back from a well known supermarket today, they saw it and thought of me.

I had given them some Mince pie Teacakes earlier, but was touched by the gesture and offered to pay them. They suggested that I make them a loaf with it.

There is actually a sensible amount in the pack, 4 x 30g portions, so enough for 4kg of flour.

After a bit of research, I started to make dough with it, and after proving in the oven, ( I described the process here it looked beautiful, with a well developed structure, and silky feel.

I shaped a loaf, and some rolls, and left it for a second rise, while the oven warmed up.




I baked with steam for 20 minutes (Rolls) and 35 minutes (Loaf)

I offered the choice to Jean next door, and she had the Rolls. Now I have 3 bakes left, I'll probably do one tomorrow!

I think I'm converted.

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  1. It's funny how this is apparently very much a cultural thing - all I ever use is fresh yeast! It comes in 42 g packages here in the Czech Republic for some reason, which makes it perfect for two batches of something... And it comes cheap.
    (Sometimes, I also eat it as is, usually just mixed with some sugar and milk, other people also make a bread spread out of it - it's a source of Vitamin B and a VERY divisive one - most people hate the taste of it. I quite like it. My father, as a child, was able to eat the whole batch his mother had bought so she had to buy again. :D)