Friday, 25 October 2013

Step Back in Time

I had been telling everyone that I was going to see Camel in concert, they were to perform the Snow Goose live and Yvonne and I were really excited. It's one of our favourites and I play the album regularly. Anyway to my total amazement, hardly anyone that I told about it remembers them. Either that makes me really old, or my contemporaries missed one of the bigger bands of the 70's.

Either way, the concert was sold out, and the place was full of older music fans of a certain type. To our relief, we were not out of place.

And as for the music, it was just sensational, easily one of the best sets of live music that either of us can recall, (and between us we've seen a few!) The Snow Goose lasted over 40 minutes, and sounded even better than I thought it could, a credit to the band, whose members have had their problems over the years. A real Tour De Force.

As you can see, Salisbury is an intimate venue, and after a short break, the band came back and did another 90 minutes of old favourites, such as Lady Fantasy, The Hour Candle, Song within a Song, Fox Hill and Tell Me. They finished off with two encores, including a very poignant piece in memory of Peter Bardens, a founding member, no longer with us.

We got home at about 1am, I had to bake at 5.30 so had little rest, but it was well worth it.

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