Monday, 7 October 2013

The Meaning of Life!

Douglas Adams was right all along, I know this because I have been sorting out this years home made wine, racking it off and tidying up at the end of a busy wine making year. Anyhow I found that I don't have enough bottles so must leave quite a bit of it in Demi-Johns till I can get hold of some (or drink my it faster, possibly more likely and certainly more fun!)

And the number of bottles I need; funnily enough its 42!

The wine loft.

Today has been a day to tidy the garden, the tomato plants have finally finished and have now gone to compost, but not before we have had an amazing amount of fruits, as I said before we have been eating them everyday, and I have made loads of Passatta to freeze. Also given some away to neighbours. There were still loads left on the vines, but they were dying so had to go.

I put these in the bag last week,all green, now they are ready to use, and another bag has been started from all those left on the plants when I took them down.

I also found more chilli's hiding under the plants,

and some welcome animal visitors,

Aren't they beautiful, and perfectly colour matched to the background. Funnily enough, my dogs saw but ignored the slow worm, they never spotted the frog.

I also picked the last of the apples, Bramleys for the store, Yvonne has been planting daffs and aliums and doing some weeding, trying to get everything tidied away ready for the winter.

Tonight will be a lamb tagine, with Tomato, Apricots, golden sultanas etc etc, and couscous.

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