Sunday, 9 March 2014

Everything is getting better.

It's an absolutely beautiful day, almost shorts weather, and so appreciated after recent weeks. Yvonne is recovering well, and is looking forward to a day out tomorrow, a gentle walk around St Marychurch in Torquay. That will be ideal because its all flat, there are plenty of places to  sit down, and a really good cafe for coffee and Cake.

Talking of which, I headed down to Brixham Sunday Market this morning, (More of which later) and brought 2 Rhubarb Frangipane's from Red Earth Kitchen's stall. And they certainly hit the spot! 

After lunch, I took the dogs out for a stroll, and for the first time in ages didn't need a coat, or wellingtons or a hat! As you can see, there was a summery haze in the air, Berry Head looked perfect.

As Did The Coast Toward Dartmouth,


The Sea shone Like Polished Glass, And I Found the first Dandelion Of the year.

It reminds me that It will soon be time to refill all the wine bottles that we have emptied over the winter.

As I said, I went to the Sunday market, I had a delivery to make. The first batch of Savoury Morsels went on sale this morning, I hope that they go well.

So as I said at the start, things are getting better.

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