Thursday, 10 April 2014

Back to Work

Well that was a bit of a shock to the system! I drove to Work in Gravesend, more miles in 5 hours than I have driven in the last 6 weeks. I actually felt tired at the end of it. Mind you I had a good sing, or at least it sounded good to me?

Before I braved Gravesend, I went to see Naomi for a meal and to drop Easter eggs off, plus some stuff for Amy-Rose. Nice to catch up with her and Eamon, after their mini break in Prague, (thanks for the beer) and chill for a while.

Work wasn't too busy, just two ships to do, this one into Tilbury Lock (0.5m each side)

and this one up to Erith.

Then a nice early morning drive home through patchy fog. Now I have a few days off and Georgina's homecoming to look forward to.

But before that, it's the Market on Sunday, so I will have to start getting ready for that on Saturday evening. I hope I sell enough to make it worthwhile, maybe I can think about a regular presence.

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