Sunday, 27 April 2014

Thank You Amy.

Yvonne brought this dog in a well know hobbycraft shop, as she wanted a different project to occupy her while she recovered from her operation. She was inspired to cover it with patchwork pieces,

I think he (she) looks rather cute.

And now I can reveal the lucky recipient of the dog, as I have just become A GRANDFATHER!!!! (I guess now I will have to start acting responsibly!)

My clever and talented daughter Amy, (with her husband Harry's help) has produced her best work yet, and made me so proud of her. I hope she doesn't mind if I introduce Elsa to the world,

It almost feels like yesterday when I see her, as she is the image of Amy at that age!
It's a wonderful thing to see the next generation of the family, and gives me a warm feeling inside. I love her to bits already.

Thank you Amy.

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