Saturday, 26 April 2014

George is Home (And gone again)

Georgina came down for a couple of days on her whistle-stop tour of England, we picked her up from Totnes Station and went out for a meal, after we had demolished a large Saffron Cake!

Next day we went out for a trip around Dartmoor for a spot of lunch.

and then for a cream tea and to visit the Alpaca's,

Now she's gone to visit Amy, then see friends and I saw on facebook yesterday that she's in Turkey!
That's the thing with my George, she's a free spirit, things happen around her, all at speed and like a breath of fresh air, she's off before you realise.
Meanwhile, we have been tidying the garden in the good weather, I found some carrots that I had missed last year,

The fence that features on my title page has taken a real battering from the winters winds, a new one will be in place soon, maybe I'll put the bunting back, or maybe something different. It's three years ago that I started this blog, so maybe time for a change.
We had roast lamb yesterday, you might remember I saved portions of the leg that I slow roasted, and I got one of them out of the freezer,
I like to reheat it in gravy to keep it moist, so I made one using the water from the potato boiling, with veg stock powder, lamb stock and seasoning. This I poured over the sliced meat in a casserole dish,

 and warmed it whilst the potatoes were roasting. And it was very nice.
In other news, my novel "Freefall" is now available in hard copy, for those of you without kindles and the like. The link is here, 
or for a preview of the first 5 chapters try here,
Happy reading.

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