Monday, 7 April 2014

Leg of Lamb

We haven't had lamb for a while, which is a shame as I do like it, and its pretty versitile as well.

I managed to get a leg, which for us means about five meals worth of meat, and I cooked it slowly, taking about five hours at 150 degrees, until the meat falls off the bones and the fat is rendered down.


I put two heads of garlic in the dish as well and it added to the flavour. Then you just throw it in the oven and wait, basting and turning it every hour or so.

After the cooking marathon, this was what I had left,

 enough there for our roast on Sunday, then three portions in the freezer and some left over for Monday, more of which later.

I have so many recipes, ripped from magazines and aquired in all sorts of places. I brought a folder to put them all in, it looked a bit plain, so I thought I would have a go at Decopatch, making it a bit more interesting.

As we had another rainy day, I set to work, it was actually quite theraputic and made me forget all lifes little niggles for an hour.

Then there was this, I'm pleased with it, and there's not another like it. (Whether that's good or bad I couldn't say!)

Back to mondays meal, I'm using the smaller pieces of the lamb,

but first, fry up some onion and garlic in Harissa Paste.

then add the lamb, make sure it's in small chunks to absorb the flavour of the spices, throw in some dried apricots and sultanas or dates.

keep stirring to combine, the lamb will flake a bit but that's OK.

Now prepare some cous-cous, then add it and stir in, meanwhile warm flatbreads.

When it's piping hot, serve, sprinking chopped mixed nuts if you like, a flatbread on the side.


The next item on the agenda is my return to work, I had leave for Yvonne's operation and recovery, but now that's all gone. So I must prepare to go back to Gravesend tomorrow. I will pop in and see Naomi and Eamon for supper and see how their anniversary break in Prague went.

Then of course it's my pop-up shop at Brixham Sunday Market, so Saturday will be a busy day.

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