Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Market Report

This is a copy of my Bread Blog entry.

After a long nights baking, we are ready to go, I have about 120 Rolls in 5 flavours and a few Focaccia to sell, my "Real Men Bake Bread" T shirt and all the gear to present my stuff.

There was a good response on Facebook to WCD's post and the sun is shining. I have to see Red Earth Kitchens and get some of their Millionaires Shortbread and Scotch Eggs for tonight's meal, apart from that I can man the stall from 10-4.

I'm taking the stuff down and bringing my car back, out of the way.

Some 'in progress' pictures.

I set up at 10am and made my first sale at 2 minutes past!

I had a pretty steady day, even though a few regular stallholders thought that it was slower than some. I passed the break-even point just before lunch and ended up making a good profit.

All in all, I sold 66% of what I took, the left overs will be used up during the week with soup or pasta meals, while some has gone in the freezer.

Strangely, the Chocolate Rolls didn't sell at all, only 5 went. On the other hand I sold all but three of the Beetroot and Onion, most of the Cheese and Onion and about half of the others. 9 of the 12 Focaccia went as well.

I also had plenty of positive comments, which was nice, and hopefully the whole thing will lead to a bit more business for myself and for the West Country Deli.

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