Saturday, 18 October 2014

A week of bits and pieces.

A lot of random things happened this week, mostly enjoyable.

I went to see the Orthapedic Consultant on Monday, and had scans and an Xray of my shoulder.

The results showed no structural damage, so no surgery for me at the moment, but there was a lot of inflammation in the area (maybe arthritis?) so I've had another Cortisone injection, a bit more targeted this time, in the region of the subacromial bursa.

The needle actually went into the Acromioclavicular joint but I never felt a thing.

I still have the pain, and the limited range of motion, hopefully that will start to improve soon, at least I know that there is nothing major wrong and that I'm not making it worse by using it up to the limits of pain.

That's enough technical stuff, back to non-medical things for a bit. But first, we had the squirrel back to make sure there were no nuts left for the birds.

persistent little fellow.
We also had a voucher for a free breakfast at the Breakwater Bistro, great views and great food,

we sat outside, it was a warm dry morning, there was even a man swimming in the sea.

Since then, however the weather has turned a bit wet and windy, it'll soon be back to GMT and soup, drawing the curtains early and snuggling down.

That leads me on to croutons, I love them in soup (or on salad but the link is harder) and made a big batch, using half a loaf and plenty of Blackberry Vinegar. I thought that they were burnt, but it's where the vinegar has caramelised on the cubes, either way they taste great and will keep us going for a while.

Totnes sunday market has come around again, so I need to make room in the freezer for goodies, I found a bag of biscuit dough that I had saved and thawed it out.

While I had the oven on for the croutons, and a pair of Ciabatta, I made biscuits.

Unfortunately they didn't come out to well, but the taste was fine and they were nice broken into yogurt.

That's Greek yogurt with Cranberries by the way.

Saturday morning and we're off for our Flu jabs, not the most exciting way to spend a morning, but the hospital is only a five minute walk and its not raining that hard.
At least we shouldn't get flu this winter, when we get back its baking and a cup of good coffee.

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