Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Its that time again, National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us and once again I've got good intentions.

However this year I don't intend to start a novel, I did that last year and the result was "The Rocks of Aserol, Part One." (Which you can find on the right of the page)

This year I'm looking at all the projects that I have started and not finished

Myra - the prequel to Freefall, currently 31000 words,
The Rocks of Aserol Part 2 -currently 10000 words,
Ribbonworld, a Noir Crime sci-fi - currently 25000 words.
I need about 135000 words to finish all three, that's more than I can manage in November, but 50000 would finish either one of them. That's what I should aim at.

There are also the projects I haven't properly started yet, but have ideas for,

Tales of the Sleepers, a sci-fi collection,
Survive the Wilderness what it says.

Note that I'm not committing to anything yet, I normally write on one for a while and switch when I run out of ideas. But its very true that no-one can do anything, be it read, buy, critique or edit, with what I haven't written yet.

Meanwhile I have completed this weeks organic bread order,

Ready to bake

White, Spelt and Rye

Soda Bread and Rolls
and I also made some crumpets (for me)

Now I just need to deliver and I can get a coffee and start writing, (I know its not November yet, a head start will get me in the mood)

Tonight we will be eating Pork and Leek Sausages with Mash, Onion Gravy and Carrots/Cabbage...... Yum.

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