Sunday, 17 May 2015

LoveLife Brixham

The first Lovelife event in Brixham was a roaring success for Well Bread! And for everyone else, the place was packed from 10 till 4 and all the stalls seemed to be busy. My initial plan was to offer samples and advice but I soon found that people wanted the loaves I had on show and were less interested in what I had to say, preferring to take one of the handouts I had printed and try a few things.

I set up my stall to show the variety of things you can do with Sourdough,

and I think a lot of the people were surprised.

The products that I had thought people would consider a bit 'strange,' such as the Baked Potato Rosti, flew off the stall and other things such as the Chocolate Brownies were languishing.

Still I managed to get rid of just about everything, a few Muffins and Scones plus a box of Brownies are now in my freezer, they will be good for family visits and I have the promise of orders to come.

A highlight of the show was the pedal-powered Smoothie Machine, where you could make your own drink with effort. Mine would probably be rather lumpy.

Light relief was provided when the plastic gazebo blew away in a gust, it flashed past the door and out of sight up the road, chased by several shouting gentlemen.

A good day then, but an exhausting one and lots of preparation as well. Time for a visit to Totnes Good Food Sunday today. After yesterday I will view the stalls with a new perspective.


  1. Hi Richard

    It looks lovely. I am glad that you have had such a good response. From previous experience whenever I have been to a craft or food fair people are often looking to buy something ready made or kits to actually have a go themselves which seem to be few and far between from the shows I have attended.

    I have another sourdough starter on the go at the moment and the recipe says that when feeding the plant to chuck part of it away - could you reuse that to make another starter or are there reasons for not re-using it. Your input would be gratefully received. Hope you had a good day out.

    Regards to you and Yvonne

    Tricia x

  2. Hi Tricia,

    Thanks for the comments, the bread and bread products were well received and I didn't have much left at the end! Also a lot of positive comments and promises of orders, we will have to see how they work out.

    Regarding starter, I wouldn't use any discard until the starter is up and running, about 14 days usually. Its normal to halve the starter when refreshing as otherwise you fill the house very quickly. Once it's bubbling and doubling in 4-6 hours you can use it for bread and other things, take a look at my Bread Blog (if you don't already) for some ideas. The address is
    If you need any more info, just leave me a message, I'm always happy to share my successes. (and failures)
    Good luck,