Friday, 29 May 2015

Sourdough Battered Onion Rings

I love a challenge, and after my visit to Rockfish in Brixham I found a new one.

There were Pickled Onion Rings on the menu, and they were fantastic, it got me thinking, surely I could do the same? And given my love of sourdough, surely I could incorporate the two. And maybe if I part cooked them I could freeze them for re-heating in the oven later. It was time to experiment. There were no pictures of the original, they disappeared too quickly and anyhow, Yvonne complains if I stop eating to take pictures during a meal.

I cut a large onion and made some rings, which I marinaded overnight in Red Wine vinegar. (home-made)

I also made up a sourdough leaven from 50 g starter with 50 g each of flour and water, mixed to a paste. This will ferment overnight.

Next morning I prepared to cook. I will drain the rings and dust with white flour before I start,
then a dip in the batter, which is foaming nicely.

I've heated oil, and lowered the rings in for about 5 minutes,

 then turning for 3 more. The oil should not be too hot, definitely NOT smoking. About 170° C is good. Take the rings out as they start to brown and drain on paper.

Let the oil warm up a little before frying the next batch.

I'm freezing these as an experiment so I've let them cool and put them on a metal tray.

I covered the tray in a plastic bag and laid it on top in the freezer. After about 6 hours I can move the rings into a storage bag. The next part of the experiment will be to reheat them and see how they behave. I'll let you know.

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