Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My new Kitchen

At last, I've cleaned the Gas Hob for the final time, not that I mind cleaning it when I've made it dirty but when it gets dirty due to something else it's annoying. 

When I'm baking, I cover it with a towel and a glass surface protector but somehow flour seeps in and covers the thing, leaving me to take it all to bits and wipe it over. 


So after a lot of thought, we are having the Hob removed, new worktops and sink fitted and have brought an induction cooker that can be moved around. This will give us the extra worktop space and mean we can cook anywhere, even outside if we want. Of course its never that simple and we have had to get new pans but the old ones were old and have seen a lot of action.

So here's a picture of the last time I used the Hob,

we had Roast Beef!! With Parsnips, Swede, Sweet and White Potatoes, Broccoli, Cauli and Carrots. Gravy goes without saying, as does the homemade Horseradish sauce.

Of course that means that we need to clear out all the cupboards today, I'm wondering what gems we may unearth. We have three piles, Keep, Recycle and Charity.

We took three bin-liners full of stuff to the charity shop, a big bag of rubbish and the conservatory is full of the contents of the cupboards. It all looks a bit bare now, 

We just had to get out, so took the dogs down to Sharkham, the sun was sparkling on the sea and the Elderflower is bursting out.

A much needed rest from all the domestic chores. Being outside always makes me feel better, and I know Yvonne feels the same. The imminent work is somewhat unsettling, packing up feels like we are moving and the prospect of a couple of days of chaos is not good. We have biscuits though and have remembered to leave the teabags accessible. 

I'll let you know how we get on.

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