Sunday, 21 June 2015


 I hope you like my new mantra.

A while ago now, I made some Sourdough Battered Onion Rings, soaking the Onion in Balsamic Vinegar overnight first, and put them in the freezer.

Well yesterday was crunch time, so to speak, as I took a few out for a taste test against a well known supermarket version, The supermarket ones are Beer Battered with Black Onion Seeds.

Here's a look at them on the tray prior to cooking  (mine are on the left)

After 15 mins in the oven from frozen they were ready, unfortunately the evidence disappeared before I could take any more pictures. But they looked the same, just hotter.

My independent critic (Yvonne) who is not a huge fan of Onion Rings said there was no contest. So you can guess which ones we will be having with our steak tonight. And to give you a clue, its not the ones on the right!!

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  1. They look scrummy.

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    Take care