Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fun and games with the new Greenhouse.

I started today full of good intentions, after 10 months I would put up my new greenhouse.

As you can see the old one has become just a dump for all the rubbish we acquire, so Yvonne sorted it out and I took it too bits (well let it fall down gracefully!) and cleared the ground.

I got the boxes out and started putting it together. At first it went well, then I began to find holes that weren't lining up and bolts that were too short. After a bit of bending of metal and modifications to the holes the frame came together.

Then as I started to clad it, I found that the plastic panels were not cut correctly.

And so I called the customer services at the place I brought it from. 

To my surprise they told me it was my fault and that I was obviously not following the instructions. 

I have been building flat-packs for at least thirty years, furniture, sheds, children's toys on Xmas day etc and without sounding too clever I have hardly ever found one so bad, as well as the faulty parts the instructions were worse than useless and half of the pieces were not marked.

How I can be responsible for the drilling of holes in the wrong place and plastic sheets not cut square I'm not too sure, anyway I carried on and just bodged it. (Resourceful seafarer expression - to me it means to modify something that has been badly designed to make it work.)

In the end, after 7 hours I had to stop as I was getting really hot, I will try and finish it off tomorrow, there's just the door and the roof to do now. 

But will ensure that I never buy another thing from them again, and tell anyone who asks my opinion that the products they produce are ****. 

And that was another thing, I was treated to a long winded explanation of how the plastic is "hand cut in Belgium," as if that was really relevant. And how "we never have any problems with our kits." 

In other words, the seller is blaming someone else and calling my competence into question. 

Not a good day.


  1. Tort Interference with Goods Act - not fit for the purpose purchased and I am sure their local Trading Standards office would not be too impressed.


  2. Thanks and you're right. But to be honest I couldn't face taking it to bits and packing it up so I threw the instructions away and carried on. In the end I managed to get a stable, watertight ( I hope) and usable structure.