Monday, 4 May 2015

Stir fry

This has all been about food just lately, after my shoulder injury I haven't been walking the dogs so there is a lack of outside pictures. I did get round for a stroll yesterday but forgot my camera and phone.

The Blossom is out on my fruit trees though and the garden has awoken,




Acer in an old bath

My Black Tomato has shot up and has flowers, it's gone mad since I re-potted it.

I'm using up the last of the cooked beef joint that I had frozen, there was only the ends and badly carved bits left so I thought I would do a stir-fry.

I cut the meat into small pieces,

mixed up a marinade of Mustard Oil, chopped Garlic and Ginger and rubbed it in.

I cut Onion and Pepper and soaked it in some of this,

and to finish some carrot batons and sweetcorn left from yesterday with cucumber julienne,

now it just needs frying, with Couscous and Pita to accompany.

As you might have seen on the Bread Blog, my new Oven has arrived and is ready to go,

suddenly I can now cook 8 loaves at a time, or 60 Rolls, hopefully it will help me out and mean I can start a little later in the morning.

I've been trying to perfect a Sourdough Scone for a while and with the added bread making activity I have had lots of spare starter to practise with. 

Today's effort was the best yet, Yvonne had one warm from the oven for breakfast and pronounced it " the best since Mrs G's". That was a teashop we used to frequent in Stoke Gabriel years ago, now sadly no longer in business. After an accolade like that, maybe my recipe is ready to be unleashed.

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