Saturday, 2 May 2015

My Treat!

Yvonne is ill, she has an infection and consequently doesn't feel like eating much.
So I will do her mushrooms on toast, which is what she has asked for, and for me; well I always keep a few things in the freezer that she isn't fond of.

Last time in Nottingham, Amy took us to a farm shop,

where, they had some delicious produce, in fact she brought our lunch there. I spotted a Pea Supper Pie, which I had never heard of (being a soft southerner no doubt!) It was a minced Beef and Onion Pie with added Mushy Peas. Now I am a big fan of Mushy Peas, when I was at college the local chippy did a battered Mushy Pea fritter which was the height of sophistication as far as I was concerned.

Anyhow, I brought a pie for one of those days when Yvonne and I couldn't agree on what to have. I cut it in half  to freeze portions and could see the genius of the idea,

now it just needed accompanying.

In the freezer I have saved pots of home-made Caramelised Onions, to use in Gravies, Casseroles etc, so I defrosted one of them in readiness.

Now for Potatoes; I cut some up into small chunks,

and boiled them for 10 minutes. Then I put them in an oiled pan.

I will saute (fry) them with the Onions later.

I got them browning before I added the onions, while the pie was in the oven.

Plated up it looked pretty good, next time in Nottingham I'm getting another one. (or two)

The space was for veg but they would have spoilt the picture, I did have some.....honest.

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