Thursday, 7 May 2015

The new Oven proves its worth.

I had a big(ish) order for Millie and Me today, 30 Panini Rolls, A Ciabatta, A Pesto Twist and two Focaccia. (One Sundried Tomato and One Olive)

In the old days, that meant a five o'clock start and finish around nine.

Enter the new oven, doubling my capacity and meaning I can keep up with the flow of proved dough.

I was finished at eight!

Maybe I'm entering the big time, the thought of larger orders no longer fills me with dread and I can start canvassing for business secure in the knowledge that I can keep up.

Incidentally, here are the finished articles.

Of course the next test is the prep for Lovelife, where I intend to make around 10-12 different Sourdough products for sampling and hopefully ordering. The fun will start on Weds after I've delivered to Oats.

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