Thursday, 30 April 2015

Another new Start

On my new adventure, I am gradually severing all my ties with the old life that I used to lead. I have already given my notice and cancelled my professional insurance. Yesterday my medical certificate ran out and today I stopped my Union membership. 

Next week I go up to Gravesend for my leaving party and to hand in my radio and other things. Then it's just a case of waiting till the end of July to draw the line under my 40 year sea-going career.

And so I will start again, this time as a Baker and Author, I'm still deciding on the best way to go with my novel, that's on the back burner as the Bakery is taking off.

My new oven will arrive tomorrow,

instantly doubling my capacity, of course it's never that simple, now I need more trays and tins, I've also got to find the room for it in the Kitchen. I will need to change all my routines as well, at the moment I have everything set up for the single oven, I need to sort out a system that uses both for maximum efficiency.

As a project for the upcoming Lovelife event, I made some Sourdough Cookies flavoured with Cranberries. Hopefully I can sell these via Oats on the day. The taste was quite different to a normal cookie, due to the sourdough, but very nice all the same.

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