Monday, 20 April 2015

Weekend in Nottingham

A great weekend in Nottingham, with our daughter Amy, her Husband Harry and Elsa, who will be 1 this week. We hadn't seen them since the end of Jan, and the change in Elsa was amazing, she's crawling at speed and can just about stand upright with a little help. 

The thing is, when I look at her, I can see Amy when she was that age, the behaviour is almost identical and I think to myself (and so does Yvonne) "I know dear, I've had some of that!"

I took Saffron Buns and some of the Sourdough Chocolate Brownies, Yvonne made a Mint Chocolate Cheesecake, decorated with After-Eights. It had crushed extra strong mints in it and the base was made from mint chocolate biscuits. Of course we had to eat it with a dollop of Clotted Cream as well. Unfortunately some of the After-Eights had leant over during the journey, but that had let some of the calories out so everything was OK.

Harry made a summer veg lasagne, with Peas, Broad Beans and Broccoli, served with a Tomato and Herb Panzanella which was amazing.

After the news of my leaving work, I have been invited to a leaving party in Gravesend next month, it will be nice to say goodbye to all the people that I have worked with for the past 22 years. 

Seriously, I couldn't have worked with a more professional and friendly bunch of experts in a demanding and interesting job, the senior ones taught me so much, giving their knowledge and experience freely and I only hope I was able to pass it along to those who started after me in the same way. And after handing in my equipment that will be it. I'll be an ex-pilot.

When we drove home yesterday and passed Portbury Docks, I took my eye off the road for a bit to see what ships were in.(not that I miss it already you understand) I saw a Grimaldi Ro-Ro and remembered what a tight fit they were in Tilbury Lock. 

Always fun when the wind was howling. Now I will miss that.

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