Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Busy Day

Tuesday is always a busy day here. I have the Oats order to prepare, sourdoughs to make and today I also have to see my GP later this afternoon about my shoulder. Fortunately it's improving day by day and even though I will never have to climb another pilot ladder it's important that it does.

So the need is for a quick and easy supper tonight, I was going to use my Sourdough Pasta that I was making this morning but as it was a disaster I had to use dried. I pre-cooked and cooled it before putting it in the dish.

I found some home made Tomato Sauce in the freezer from last years tomato glut, and had a bag of chicken pieces salvaged from the roast we had last month. So that was the filling sorted.

So I added pesto and garlic paste to the pasta,

then the sauce and the chicken.

After a stir it was ready for the oven 

Half an hour ought to do it, we can have the last of the Sourdough Focaccia with it.

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