Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Quick Supper

We had a bit of running around to do this afternoon and for various reasons didn't get back till later than we normally would have. 

Fortunately, we had a quick Vegetable Curry planned, largely sourced from the new Aldi which opened last month. Not our normal way of cooking but handy in the circumstances. Next time I will do the same from scratch..... Honest!!!

It started with a pack of ready cut Roasting Veg, Peppers, Onion, Courgettes and Tomatoes.

I fried these in Mustard Oil for 10 minutes.

Then added a jar of Korma sauce and got it simmering.

When the veg were softened I tipped in a tin of Chickpeas and put some rice on.

I carried on cooking it gently  until the rice was done, the sauce thickened up a treat.

It was delicious.

Next time, when I can make it at leisure, I will add dessicated coconut and raisins.

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