Thursday, 20 August 2015

I've been Busy

In amongst all the bread and the other things I've been doing over the last few days, (and when did I ever find the time to go to work?) I've started a new project.

I had my picture taken for my book cover and got the results on Tuesday. After looking through them Yvonne and I selected this one as the best, so it will be peering myopically at you from "Ribbonworld" when it makes it onto the bookshelves.

Of course I haven't neglected the cooking, Monday was Pork Chops baked with Apple slices and stuffing,

and on Tuesday I found the time to dehydrate some Tomatoes,

which I stored in Olive Oil.

They will be good in a Focaccia later.

We have had a lot of rain recently, but it stopped on Tuesday and we got a rainbow, unfortunately I wasn't under the end of it at the time.

So to the big news, I'm moving on from blogger to a dedicated website of my own, I will still post on here and link back to this and the bread blog for the moment whilst I work out all the transfer details. The address will follow shortly when everything has been set up.

I was sorting out some files on my bulging hard drive and I found this video by National Geographic. Taken in 2003 it shows me piloting the Sailing Vessel 'Artemis' up the Thames. I do look young!

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